So the following image is supposed to be one of the Bigfoots caught on camera by The Erickson Project. To me it looks pretty authentic but some say it looks like a chewbacca mask. I hope they release all this footage soon so we can get better looks at it.

We have breaking news from the Erickson Project claiming to have evidence of Bigfoot. It would be easy to say that I believe it. Of course I want to. But I still need to see more. 
 This vocalization was recorded in Kentucky in 2010 by the KLRP (Kentucky Live Research Project). 
 I entered the woods at a spot where I have entered many times before. At the bottom of the hill, a few months back I discovered a pile of rocks. This pile seemed to be deliberately stacked. Now of course this could have been a hunting marker or something else man made, but one can never leave things un-investigated. 

 I recently had decided to go investigate near some sightings in Grant County KY. This was also near the site that the  supposed "Matilda" footage was filmed. 

 My partner in crime for the investigation ended up not being able to go, so rather than travel alone to the site, I decided to investigate the Wildlife Management Area behind my house further. After passing the rock pile I continued up the opposite side of the rock bed. After a walking a little ways I discovered a structure. 
 Upon further investigation, the site didn't show signs of any recent activity. I found no footprints or hair samples. I will continue to monitor this spot and see if any activity arises. 

 After finding the structure I continued on toward the Kentucky River. This area is very marshy and wet with lots and lots of cover. One could stay pretty hidden. I found remains of a deer bed with lots of hair. Oh how I wish it would have been a Sasquatch bed! With deer in the area Bigfoot would have food, at least thats what some say. I question wether or not the North American Ape is a carnivore. The largest know Ape, the Mountain Gorilla eats mostly vegetation. 

 To conclude, it was a fun hike regardless of the results and I hope to investigate further in this area. 



    Jake Book is a musician, living historian and bigfoot enthusiast living in rural Kentucky. He has researched for several years but has finally decided to take his research to the field. This blog will be a document of his experiences. 


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